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life as always has never been better Saturday, August 5, 2006

Posted by kairin in the mundane life.

on the other hand. life has always been a whole lot better for me.

albeit being too busy and preoccupied with work that i’ve not done anything that means a lot to myself. for the past 6 months. wow. 6 months already. and i’ve been confirmed at the media company i’m working in now.

i admit i’m not earning shit loads of money like some banking and finance friends. and i ultimately envy my friends in the maritime industry. but hey. the work is challenging. and i’m learning a lot~!

and the fact that the love life feels like its in a sinking boat. with money becoming an issue now. the question that begs to be answered will be… was there love in the first place? or was i being naive yet again?
and health is not at its peak.

i still do my night runs.

and i need to read more books.



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