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a new home?

perhaps. no wait. this is.

as much as i want to tell you how intriguing a person i am. how interesting my thoughts are. how special the things i am about to tell you as i write on this journal will be. as much as i want to, however, that is not the case.

i know myself. and i know myself quite well. that i may be the dullest person. least interesting. least intelligent sounding. and the list may very well go on and on. i’m not sure.

if that is the case, why then should i ever put up my thoughts into a written media, where the entire connected human population may gain access to? i guess i can safely say that i do not know the answer to that. despite having been using an online journalling system, to pen down thoughts. images. and what nots, i’ve still not found out reasons or answers to many of my own personal questions.

perhaps that is why i want to have this in the first place? to find, somehow, an answer. to the questions that i may not have asked. but deep down i need to confront.

so be it.



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