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1999 Saturday, January 14, 2006

Posted by kairin in poet.
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somewhere in 1999. i wrote this in the book.

This i wrote that night
~ | ~

once again i felt, a feeling
deep inside which i thought,
was lost beyond and gone.
that feeling i know, i felt before.
(on 4th oct that wee morning)

was it the love of the story?
was it the love in my life?
was it that feeling i feared was lost,

i wanted to cry, i wanted to let go.
there were thing i felt tonite
things i knew & felt was right.
it wasn’t sadness that was deep in me.

it wasn’t fear that i cry
but a knowing, a knowing
that i have this feeling
that burns deep inside.

i have once cherished what i felt
i have once felt,
why i desire, the moment i fear
may be lost forever.

once again dear self,
i let you feel this feeling.
its a feeling of longing
a feeling to be free

your eyes are burning with tears
its not sadness, i know
its love for that someone you cared
its belief that all live is shared.

dear self i know this is true.
that feeling is cold, it burns.
it may burn right through you
all i see is myself, all i see is you.

life is life everlasting
remember this feeling
don’t let it burn right through you.